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What does a fiber network mean to you?

  • Access to Blazing-Fast Downloads
  • Run Multiple Devices at Once
  • Work From Home With Extreme Reliability
  • Video Chat Without Buffering
  • Stream HD Content Without Waiting
  • Game Online, Lag-Free
  • Access Reliable Voice and Robust TV Solutions
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Twin Lakes — powered by VEC — is delivering a whole new experience. With Internet speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps), reliable voice service with all the features you need, and a robust TV offering we have you covered!

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  • Step One: Click the 'Services' tab to learn more about what fiber communications solutions are available.
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  • Step Four: Spread the good word about fiber coming to your area and tell your neighbors to sign up at www.vec-twinlakes.com.
  • Step Five: Visit this site often and click on the 'Updates' tab to read about project progress and exciting news.

Fastest Internet in town!

With fiber Internet you can get up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps) in download speeds and 250 Mbps in upload speeds. Stream videos, music, download files, upload photos, and more at a speed everyone in your home will enjoy.  Choose your speed package when you sign up for service. Sign up by entering your address on the right.

Television with HD and more.

The perfect TV package. From your favorite channels to premium movie packages (view channel guide here), HD, whole home DVR, and FREE Watch TV Everywhere Twin Lakes has you covered. Learn more about our packages and pricing when you enter your address on the right and click 'Search for my Address'.

Reliable and affordable voice.

With the calling features you need and your choice of a basic or unlimited package, your home can get the perfect solution. Features include voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, and more! Sign up for service to learn more, enter your address on the right.

Fiber Areas In Service

These are zones (communities) where Twin Lakes, powered by VEC Fiber service is now available or is under construction.

Fiber Areas for Future Builds

These are zones (communities) where we are taking interest from community members. Please preregister, on the right, to help your area get fiber sooner. Thank you for your patience while we work hard to bring fiber service to your community.

Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) POWER Initiative Grant

2:14pm February 12, 2019

Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) POWER Initiative Grant

Over the summer of 2018, Volunteer Energy Cooperative (VEC) applied for several grants to aid in the cost of construction for its commercial broadband pilot. While some of the grants applied for are still outstanding, we are pleased to announce that VEC is one of the recipients of the 2018 Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) POWER Initiative Grant. ARC has awarded 35 grants totaling $26.5 million, of which VEC will receive $1.5 million to put toward its commercial broadband effort. This money will be split between VEC and its strategic partners, with $1 million going to aid in the cost of construction, including smart grid enhancements, and another $500,000 going toward grid virtualization and entrepreneurial development.

VEC will match the $1 million portion of the grant with an additional $1 million, and the $2 million total will be utilized to run fiber to the Birchwood Community of Hamilton and Meigs counties. 731 homes will gain access to gigabit internet service thanks to the ARC grant. The broadband service expansion will include areas surrounding Highway 60, between Highway 58 and the Tennessee River. To see details of the area to be covered in graphic form, please visit www.vec-twinlakes.com. The fiber areas affected will be the zones labeled Georgetown, Blythe Ferry, and Parker Loop. Construction in these areas will begin Spring 2019 and will finish Summer 2020.  

Cleveland Member Event

5:01pm October 16, 2018

Are you ready to transform the way you connect?

Our mobile experience center is headed your way to help you understand the fiber difference, answer questions, and to get you signed up for service. Don't miss the event – we will have limited time promotions to make the fiber switch even more rewarding.

Georgetown Rd NW in Cleveland, TN (Next to Epperson's Custom Jewelers)

Friday, October 19th from 8 AM - 6 PM

Saturday, October 20th from 8 AM - 12 PM

Hopewell Member Event July 30th - August 1st

4:42pm July 30, 2018

Are you ready to transform the way you connect?

Our mobile experience center is headed your way to help you understand the fiber difference, answer questions, and to get you signed up for service. Don't miss the event – we will have limited time promotions to make the fiber switch even more rewarding.

Georgetown Rd NW in Cleveland, TN (Next to Epperson's Custom Jewelers)

Monday, JULY 30th from 10 AM - 6 PM

Tuesday, JULY 31st from 8 AM - 6 PM

Wednesday, AUGUST 1st from 8 AM - 12 PM

Hopewell Member Event July 27th and July 28th

10:49am July 25, 2018

Are you ready to transform the way you connect?

Our mobile experience center is headed your way to help you understand the fiber difference, answer questions, and to get you signed up for service. Don't miss the event – we will have limited time promotions to make the fiber switch even more rewarding.

Hopewell Community Center - Georgetown Rd NW in Cleveland, TN (Next to Epperson's Custom Jewelers)

FRIDAY, JULY 27th from 8 AM - 6 PM

SATURDAY, JULY 28th from 8 AM - 1 PM

Broadband pilot in Bradley County Press Release

11:47am February 6, 2018

This past December, Volunteer Energy Cooperative (VEC) launched a broadband high speed internet pilot in Bradley County. Partnering with Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative, we began offering families in the Camelot subdivision and the Bigsby Creek Road area of Bradley County broadband at 25 Mbps, 250 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps speeds through fiber to the home. This includes dedicated bandwidths so the speed will not fluctuate like with other companies. We also offered TV and Telephone combo packages with internet depending on what the homeowner preferred.

VEC | Twin Lakes installed the first internet package at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hollifield in the Camelot subdivision. The installation day went smoothly and the installers finished on time. I spoke with Mrs. Hollifield after she had service for a month. “We had no problem with the installers. They were on time and friendly. We chose the 25 Mbps because we do not download much but it works well. We haven’t had it quit once since we got it.” Reliable, on time, and friendly are all good descriptions of VEC and Twin Lakes.

VEC is preparing to expand the pilot area as early as June 2018. We are looking at expansion to the Van Davis and No Pone areas just off highway 60. This area may include parts of Old Georgetown road and part of Paradise lane. The expansion is dependent upon the interest shown from those areas. If you live in that part of Bradley County please go to www.VEC-TwinLakes.com and sign up, tell your neighbors to sign up as well. This will give us a clear indication of which area to go next.

Even if you do not live in those areas but you are a member of VEC, you can show your interest in fiber to the home internet service. Go to www.VEC-TwinLakes.com and get signed up. It will indicate that you are not in an area we are currently servicing, but that is OK. Signing up will increase the likelihood of your area receiving broadband in the future.

Photo Caption:  First Broadband Installation. From left to right:  Volunteer Energy Cooperative’s Jeremy White, Mary Hollifield, Charles Hollifield, VEC’s Chuck Dake and Twin Lakes’ Tom Jolley.

Voted Newsmaker #8 by Cleveland Daily Banner

3:22pm January 2, 2018

It has been an exciting year for fiber and broadband across the country. And we are pleased to to share that VEC Fiber | Twin Lakes has been Voted Newsmaker #8 by the Cleveland Daily Banner, for the fiber pilot project that has started in Bradley County.

Check out the whole story here and make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay in the know about the fiber project and other important VEC updates. Thank you for your support. 

Twin Lakes, powered by VEC fiber, coming soon!

4:00pm November 20, 2017

Twin Lakes — powered by VEC fiber — is delivering a whole new Internet experience with speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps). Did you know that 1 Gig is 100 times faster than you can access today? But fiber is not just about the Internet. It is about delivering a connection to your home or business that will allow you to have a better experience connecting to all of the advanced communications solutions available. Over fiber you can connect to reliable voice solutions, robust TV services, broadband speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps), security and smart control systems, and so much more. 

A fiber network is more reliable than other networks as it is less prone to interference and complications from lightning and other natural elements. Since fiber is made of glass, it will not conduct electricity, making it safer and less prone to disruptive power surges, unlike previous technologies. A state-of-the-art fiber network will offer ultra-fast Internet, advancements to our communities, accelerating improvement in quality of life, economic potential and educational opportunities. On our blazing fast and ultra-reliable network, you and your family can work, play, stream, and shop without frustration.

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Twin Lakes - Mark Cooper

5:33pm October 14, 2018

Mark Cooper

I just moved into Georgetown off NoPone Road and have Charter Spectrum as my only high speed internet option. I would love to have a fiber option. I am not really impressed with Spectrum so far.

Twin Lakes - Dan Ostrander

8:54pm October 1, 2018

Dan Ostrander

I live one street outside of EPB's service area in Ooltewah just off Ooltewah-Georgetown road. When are you going to expand in this area. We are in a subdivision so the capital investment would have a lower payback time due to the number of homes able. It is very frustrating that other less populated areas are being targeted. Bigger bang for your buck here.

Twin Lakes - Brent Tucker

8:47pm September 26, 2018

Brent Tucker

No Pone Road is approaching 80%. No Pone Valley Road is right around the corner. There are around 30 homes here, all anxious to switch to VEC Fiber, or even high speed DSL. I'll get the word out. Absolutely no internet options out here except for the "slow as molasses" satellite. We're all 7 miles away from the nearest cell tower, so cellular MIFI isn't an option either. We're all looking forward to you bringing us into the 21st century. Thanks, Brent Tucker

Twin Lakes - Anthony Wnoroski

1:41pm September 25, 2018

Anthony Wnoroski

I live in a nice area in Harrison by the food city on 58. It would be even better if I didn't have to cry over xfinity's terrible service. Both providers (xfinity and AT&T) are terrible, and I miss the EPB fiber I had at my old place. This sounds like it could be an amazing replacement. Please, take the headaches away. From the looks of the map, I'm next to North Ooltewah and Mahan Gap which have service, so I hope you expand my way. Seriously, I will go and cancel the xfinity the second you are an option in my area. I will also help any way I can to make this move faster. PLEASE SAVE ME FROM COMCAST! You have my money for electric, so please take more by providing me amazing fiber too!

Twin Lakes - Haley McMillan

3:44pm September 12, 2018

Haley McMillan

I realize many other areas have campaign signs.I work in an office in Cleveland and want to be able to work from home.Due to the slow/low 6 mbps offered with DSL Internet through AT&T, the only provider in our area, my work from home wish is just that..a wish. I have been TURNED DOWN by work, due to speed and no other providers are in our area, I would LOVE to be able to work from home, which would allow me to be with my children I never get to see.RIVER POINTE subdivision and OLD RIVER CIRCLE CHARLESTON, TN 37310!!!

Twin Lakes - Fred Schmidt

11:43pm September 9, 2018

Fred Schmidt

Hello, I just found this site this evening (09-09-2018) and went through the log-in, etc. The speed test was inaccurate for the norm here. It showed 4+Mb, but that was after 3+ days of no internet at all and intermittent service for parts of 3 days. This is with Frontier, and when I contacted Tech Services, I was told that since I am hooked through the terminal in Fairfield Glade, I can expect this to happen from now on. I don't think I will accept that. When I heard about VEC going with Twin Lakes and putting in internet service, I had hoped I would have a chance at better service. Then I find that I am listed as a "Remote" area and your company is probably not going to be in the Fairfield Glade area for some time. The "Remote" area I live in is the last street on the original FfG map, although they never reached this far, and we are not far off Peavine Road. Somehow, that means that we are untouchable by most cable and telephone companies. One company I called after we moved here said if I lived the other side of Browns Creek, I could have their service, but because I live on the side that I do, they won't cross the creek. Those of us who live on this hill could use the internet service you could provide for us, and the number of people living here has tripled in the last couple of years, maybe making it worth your effort. Thanks for listening to my ranting.

Twin Lakes - Beth Seiber

10:35am September 6, 2018

Beth Seiber

How much longer before we service on Highway 307 just outside of Athens, Nederland subdivision?

Twin Lakes - Karen Webb

12:41pm September 5, 2018

Karen Webb

Is our address ever going to have fiber service? Or should I give up and go with Hughes Net which is apparently the only option we have in the foreseeable future?

Twin Lakes - Karen Webb

12:40pm September 5, 2018

Karen Webb

I was very disappointed when I looked at the area maps. I am sooo close to the Spring Creek build area but apparently not included.

Twin Lakes - Fred Moody

7:29am August 28, 2018

Fred Moody

Please hurry and get us hooked up in Georgetown Harbor Hills subdivision. Charters service is terrible

Twin Lakes - Brenda Lollis

6:25pm August 27, 2018

Brenda Lollis

Definitely need it here in Mountain Meadow Estates - no access here except satellite and cell phone!!!

Twin Lakes - brian mccoy

9:07am August 27, 2018

brian mccoy

ILL help put out signs around Charleston if that will help.

Twin Lakes - brian mccoy

9:05am August 27, 2018

brian mccoy

PLEASE bring this to Charleston tn37310 SOON!!!!

Twin Lakes - Kelly Maxwell

7:03pm August 13, 2018

Kelly Maxwell

Twin Lakes/ VEC Fiber was in the neighborhood today! So exciting!!!

Twin Lakes - Dustan Hyatt

11:38am August 13, 2018

Dustan Hyatt

Please come to Spring City We have only one option and they're very Expensive with lessor speed.

Twin Lakes - Michael Williamson

6:35pm August 9, 2018

Michael Williamson

Would love to see fiber tv/internet come to the Benton Pike area. Many homes and subdivisions begin built between Cleveland and Benton. It’s a poorly serviced area with little in the way of internet accessibility, outside satellite or cellular carriers. A vast wealth of potential clientele and as one, I am ready to pay for quality service.

Twin Lakes - Christine  Heil

11:24pm August 2, 2018

Christine Heil

Every single person on no pone valley rd would love this considering our only other option sucks and has a worse customer service

Twin Lakes - donna richards

6:37pm July 17, 2018

donna richards

Please add Half Moon Shores section One to the Maple Grove area.

Twin Lakes - susan Wusching

7:25pm July 7, 2018

susan Wusching

would love to see this kind of internet service here on goodfield road in Decatur, have an out dated DSL line from AT&T, with a blazing speed of 2.62 gb, and this is the 21st century !!!! GIVE ME A BRAKE !!!

Twin Lakes - Randall Clark

7:40pm June 25, 2018

Randall Clark

Please bring this to Morgan Road Northwest ASAP! I'm getting sick of this wireless connection we have. Take my money $$$$. I'm in! Please Hurry....

Twin Lakes - Kristopher Phillips

12:01pm June 25, 2018

Kristopher Phillips

Would love to see this service in south Cumberland county so we can kick frontier's pitiful sketchy service to the curb

Twin Lakes - Margaret Smith

8:58am June 13, 2018

Margaret Smith

There are 70 plus new homes being build off 22nd street and New Murraytown Rd. We currently have VEC Electric and would love to get broadband here soon!

Twin Lakes - Joseph Baker

9:37pm June 11, 2018

Joseph Baker

Looking forward to future expansion in Birchwood!

Twin Lakes - Misty Beard

7:33pm June 7, 2018

Misty Beard

I would love to see this service brought to the Bucks Pocket area!!! We have zero options and cellular data is hit or miss! We would be ecstatic to have it!!! I know I can probably be speaking for many households in this area.

Twin Lakes - rebecca Levings

12:56pm June 7, 2018

rebecca Levings

Please bring fiber to the Banther Road/Bancroft area! Some areas are served by Charter, but those morons won't come the 1/4 mile to my house from the corner, or to any of the other homes on our road and attached roads. We have several high end homes here with people working from home some. AT&T is here now but only offer 6 MBPS (DSL), slow as a snail for streaming (I'm a cord cutter) and working from home, which many of us increasingly do, at least part of the time. We need fast data, and are willing to pay! Other options are available here but are also slow or up and down with the speed. Please consider us soon! Currently we are listed on this site as the generic "VEC Service area", sounds hopeless to me. We are very near the Mahan Gap service area, and have some very interested future broadband users! Thank you

Twin Lakes - Ryan Campbell

1:38pm June 6, 2018

Ryan Campbell

Fiber is being run on No Pone Road to Stanfield Baptist.....they will continue to run past the church soon.........

Twin Lakes - Dean Wilkins

10:04am June 6, 2018

Dean Wilkins

Same as Kelly Maxwell below! Excited to see No Pone area is at 82% and Morgan Road NW is shown to be included as we patiently wait. Know of 2 others on our road that have not signed up here but will also be getting the service when it comes. Keep up the great work with the progress!

Twin Lakes - B.J. Fentress

3:40pm May 26, 2018

B.J. Fentress

How about northern Bradley County near the new airport? Service from charter and AT&T here is terrible! Would be awesome to have fiber in our area!

Twin Lakes - Stacey Bostick

9:34am May 18, 2018

Stacey Bostick

Would love to have it on Bucks Pocket RD, We have nothing to choose from now.

Twin Lakes - Ryan Campbell

12:14am May 16, 2018

Ryan Campbell


Twin Lakes - Kerri Willis

3:11pm May 6, 2018

Kerri Willis

Is there a future with Spring Place Road, we are looking at land in that area?

Twin Lakes - Kelly Maxwell

12:41pm May 2, 2018

Kelly Maxwell

NO PONE: 79% is almost 80% which is SO CLOSE TO 100%!!!! How much longer? We're dying here! Let's get this done before Summer! Morgan RD NW! Morgan RD NW!! Morgan RD NW!!!

Twin Lakes - Lisa Burton

12:19pm April 22, 2018

Lisa Burton

Would love to see this on our area, frontier and charter have the area and are ridiculously expensive and service is horrible. Fingers crossed for us in lake tansi area.

Twin Lakes - Ryan Campbell

2:24pm April 18, 2018

Ryan Campbell

People on No Pone, Mt. Zion, Francisco, Gum Springs, Sugar Creek, ALL WANT SERVICE!!! PEOPLE SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Twin Lakes - Kelly Maxwell

11:50am April 17, 2018

Kelly Maxwell

Only 25% more to go for the No Pone area!!!? LET'S JUST DO IT!! Morgan Rd NW wants your service! We need this DESPERATELY! Hey Twin Lakes, hurry up and come change our lives!!!

Twin Lakes - Virgil Teffeteller

2:09pm April 6, 2018

Virgil Teffeteller

Be Nice to have fiber internet on Hicks Circle two miles off 58 HWY in meigs county Meigs south elementary side.

Twin Lakes - Virgil Teffeteller

8:08am April 4, 2018

Virgil Teffeteller

Would love to see VEC broadband come to community 2 miles off HWY 58 on Meigs south school side.I have made this my home for nearly 20 years and have had satilite service for internet nearly that long.It is slow,expensive, and none existent when a cloud pops up.It would be nice if our community could get something better, cheaper, and more reliable.Thank you for your involvement Virgil Teffeteller.

Twin Lakes - John Marshall

8:37am March 31, 2018

John Marshall

I live in the ten mile area, off Johnson lane. Have been told by Charter, att and now, VEC that we are in a non serviceable area. Not sure why, as half of our road has service. I have reached out to our state representative, and was told to be expecting VEC to be coming my way...wrong again....for the past two years I have been driving over an hour just to get to my job, because I have unreliable satellite service. In this day and age, everyone should have better access to internet,

Twin Lakes - Dean Briggs

8:12pm March 10, 2018

Dean Briggs

I am preparing to build a home on No Pone Valley Rd and would love to have a new fiber line for Internet installed on the road. I was dreading the fact that satellite may be our only option and would love to have this to use. I just saw the sign today regarding hi speed internet coming to No Pone Road and hope this may include No Pone Valley Rd.

Twin Lakes - Nicolas Tenthorey

5:08pm March 6, 2018

Nicolas Tenthorey

Can we get this in Kings Valley subdivision off Snow Hill dr? I work from home and would love to have highspeed internet. Tired of living with Comcast/Xfinity.

Twin Lakes - Julie Steele

10:50am March 5, 2018

Julie Steele

Please, please extend your services to the Strawhill Road SE area. The satellite companies take advantage of those who have no alternative with extremely high rates and poor service. Thank you!

Twin Lakes - Richard Appeldoorn

8:51am March 1, 2018

Richard Appeldoorn

We built our retirement home in Meigs county and then found out that cable service was non-existent or very poor. We had to fight with AT&T to get a DSL line that provided under 1 mps; we also are hooked to satellite that works poorly when in rains (if it works at all). Please help our area advance into current times with great internet service. What can we do to allow the expansion of service go quicker? Thanks and keep digging!

Twin Lakes - Joshua Jenkins

11:53am February 27, 2018

Joshua Jenkins

Will you be coming to the city of Cleveland? I noticed that your service area seemed to only be Bradley county. Our area was a more recent annex of the city....

Twin Lakes - Maria Schambers

10:43am February 25, 2018

Maria Schambers

Keep checking this site for updates. Please bring Fiber internet to Decatur!!!! We live 4.2 miles from the main road where ATT and Charter service. They will not run anything out here because the population density is too low so in their own words , 'Not enough potential customers ' . I and all my neighbors only option for internet and TV is satellite, which is extremely expensive, has data caps and very slow.

Twin Lakes - Maria Schambers

10:43am February 25, 2018

Maria Schambers

Keep checking this site for updates. Please bring Fiber internet to Decatur!!!! We live 4.2 miles from the main road where ATT and Charter service. They will not run anything out here because the population density is too low so in their own words , 'Not enough potential customers ' . I and all my neighbors only option for internet and TV is satellite, which is extremely expensive, has data caps and very slow.

Twin Lakes - Ed McClintock

7:54am February 20, 2018

Ed McClintock

When do you foresee service on White Oak Valley, especially the section closest to Hwy 60?

Twin Lakes - Eduardo Montagna

9:27pm February 18, 2018

Eduardo Montagna

I am glad that VEC will give us a chance to get rid of dreaded AT&T, my only option....currently with a very poor speed DSL and a $120 month bill. AT&T wants to phase out their DSL and jacked up the rates for those that still want it to force them out...I have no other option living on a dead end street where the cable will never be installed. PLEASE HURRY ON THIS FIBER INSTALLATION SE of Cleveland Area !!!!! Many Thanks!

Twin Lakes - Ryan Campbell

3:23pm February 16, 2018

Ryan Campbell

I wish you all would put it in areas that CURRENTLY DO NOT have broadband services. Satellite sucks!!!

Twin Lakes - Nicholas Trueblood

1:42am February 16, 2018

Nicholas Trueblood

Please provide service to the Lakehaven Circle area of Meigs County. There is no DSL, Cellular Internet or Cable service. Satellite has extreme data caps and operates at very slow speeds and service at all is dependent upon the weather in Georgia. The whole neighborhood of over 80 households would love to have this service.

Twin Lakes - Jed Walker

7:14pm February 15, 2018

Jed Walker

Please consider adding internet to the Athens area, specifically on county road 700. The only option is satellite internet.

Twin Lakes - James Duckworth

7:07am February 15, 2018

James Duckworth

Please consider the lower McMinn county area around Trew's Store, especially County Road 783, 782, etc. No cable, cellular or DSL here, only option is satellite.

Twin Lakes - Heath Owens

5:01pm February 13, 2018

Heath Owens

Bring to old highway 58 we are right in between where coming soon areas

Twin Lakes - Farrah Parker

1:19pm February 13, 2018

Farrah Parker

Please broaden the Bigsby Creek to Old Freewill Road. We desperately need higher internet speeds, they are currently worse than dial up with satellite being all that is available.

Twin Lakes - Brian Jones

9:57pm February 11, 2018

Brian Jones

Desperate for this service on County Road 82 in McMinn County near Meigs County! Like many others, satellite is our only option and cell service doesn't work.

Twin Lakes - Michael MacLeod

9:36am February 8, 2018

Michael MacLeod

Dear VEC Please consider extending the No Pone area up into Sugar Creek Rd SE. No Cell phone service and only Satellite for broadband but very capped. Also signs in the area says to come to the web address to show interest, but most residents don’t have internet access to come here. We need a better way to show interest. (I am at Mc D’s Using their WiFi do do this now) Thanks Mike

Twin Lakes - Debbie Clark

7:10pm February 5, 2018

Debbie Clark

We desperately need this service in the Morgan RD NW area of Charleston TN. I really hope you will add us to your list. Thank you!

Twin Lakes - Wayne Petersen

4:38am February 4, 2018

Wayne Petersen

Needed desperately in the Blythe Ferry zone. Currently my only option is AT&T, need I say more.

Twin Lakes - Eugene Brown

6:41pm February 1, 2018

Eugene Brown

We are anxiously waiting for you to provide fiber internet to our area. We are in an area where cell service is poor. We are using the cellular service tho it is very slow and expensive. Please give those of us who have no access to any other service priority. I understand that the fiber is here on Ooltewah Georgetown Rd. We are 6 miles from the VEC office on Mahan Gap going towar Hwy 60.

Twin Lakes - William Kozacek

9:33am February 1, 2018

William Kozacek

We have been in the dark far too long! Please extend your service further down Beaty Dr. NW to Old Freewill Road, to the Eagles Nest Subdivision...Our students have been limping along on a Jet Pack with 1-2 bars of service as their source of internet access. This lack of service to our students holds them back, denying them a level of internet access that promotes a higher level of learning and communication available just a few blocks away in the Hidden Valley and other subdivisions nearby by other carriers who have failed us far too long. A monopoly of service in a subdivision like ours would certainly also be advantageous to the carrier who can, and will deliver service! What is your timeline?

Twin Lakes - Duane  Davis

7:40am February 1, 2018

Duane Davis

Would love to see this come to Spring City. The major cable companies (Comcast and Charter) do not provide service here and att does not offer high speed(unless you live in the city limits) other than DSL, which isn’t high speed at all.. it seems like you could make a killing in this area

Twin Lakes - Chris Glynn

5:23pm January 31, 2018

Chris Glynn

Please bring service to the South end of Polk county in the Oldfort/Conasauga area. Our only options are satellite and cellular data and both of those are spotty at best. We would welcome it with open arms and would purchase it in a heartbeat.

Twin Lakes - Greg Feagins

9:07pm January 30, 2018

Greg Feagins

Please bring this internet to areas just outside of Charleston. Our cell service is spotty at best and our only internet choice is Satellite. We tried and it is expensive and horrible speeds. Please hurry!!

Twin Lakes - Greg Feagins

9:07pm January 30, 2018

Greg Feagins

Please bring this internet to areas just outside of Charleston. Our cell service is spotty at best and our only internet choice is Satellite. We tried and it is expensive and horrible speeds. Please hurry!!

Twin Lakes - Fred Moody

9:01am January 30, 2018

Fred Moody

Please bring this to our area. Spectrum download is horrible and severely overpriced for the service we get in my area.

Twin Lakes - Huberta Shannon

4:38pm January 28, 2018

Huberta Shannon

Please bring to this area!!!! We are struggling! Would love to have it!

Twin Lakes - Jamie Renner

2:34pm January 28, 2018

Jamie Renner

I'm grateful for VEC for stepping up to support broadband for everyone! It is a shame we live a mile or two from areas who have it while thousands remain without adequate internet, cable, and tv services. I'm eager for you to get to my area and more importantly thankful you are doing the right thing for our community.

Twin Lakes - Hollis Stringer

11:14am January 27, 2018

Hollis Stringer

Can't come soon enough!

Twin Lakes - Timothy Travis

7:44am January 26, 2018

Timothy Travis

Please Make the IDLEWILD area a priority, we currently do not even have access to plain old telephone lines and cell service is spotty at best.

Twin Lakes - Don Eberhart

10:14am January 25, 2018

Don Eberhart

Please bring Fiber internet to McDonald!!!! Can you post what the pricing will be for the different speeds?

Twin Lakes - William Ark

10:13pm January 17, 2018

William Ark

I live in Meigs county right off Cottonport Rd it would be nice to finally see something more than a crawl from sati light internet. Very interested.

Twin Lakes - William Ark

9:49pm January 17, 2018

William Ark

I been waiting 20 years for something better than satellite to come to our area on Cottonport Rd in Meigs county thy run cable all the way down 58 HWY and just stopped. I really hope my area stands a chance.

Twin Lakes - Carl SPRIGG

7:29pm January 14, 2018


What would it take to run a fiber hub into the Fairfield Glade Community? I'm sure there would be considerable support in this area for such a project.

Twin Lakes - Hollis Stringer

9:20am January 13, 2018

Hollis Stringer

What are you waiting for!

Twin Lakes - Debra  Fisher

3:54pm January 8, 2018

Debra Fisher

I live off of Biggs Road which is off of Ooltewah-Georgetown Road. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of homes clustered in a one mile radius here in subdivisions Georgetown Landing, Georgetown Bay, Georgetown Place, Sunset Ridge, Seven Lakes, Providence Point, and others. Considering the cost of installing fiber per mile, I feel that VEC and Twin Lakes would get the most "bang for the buck" by installing in this location which is only 2 miles from the VEC office on Mahan Gap Road. I can tell you from the neighborhood app that most people in this location would be more than happy to switch to this fiber service as they are VERY unhappy with Comcast, CenturyLink, and satellite.

Twin Lakes - William Hillman

3:01pm January 3, 2018

William Hillman

Take my money! Our section of Old Freewill Rd has NO high speed except wireless options and plenty of homes that would be interested. Not sure why Bigsby Creek and Rabbit Valley roads were chosen first, hardly anyone lives in those areas.

Twin Lakes - Randall Clark

1:07pm January 3, 2018

Randall Clark

We badly need this in the NW Charleston Tn. area. Our only options are Satellite or Broadband and there services are terrible !

Twin Lakes - Ryan Campbell

4:20pm December 30, 2017

Ryan Campbell

Please bring this to my area! We struggle where I live!

Twin Lakes - James Duckworth

5:24pm December 29, 2017

James Duckworth

BRING IT ON! I'm ready to get off my only option, satellite!

Twin Lakes - Maria Schambers

8:55am December 23, 2017

Maria Schambers

Please bring Fiber internet to Meigs County!!!!

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